Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Two charts that explain it all.

There are natural laws in the universe that apply to advertising. One of the most powerful is regression to the mean. We make things for the masses to consume and therefore there is a comfort in making what we make usual, comfortable and beige. That is, we create work and then judge it by criteria such as "it must be ok, it feels like something I've seen before." You can put virtually every ad into that category, every politicians' commercial, virtually every non-indie flick, and virtually all counter-culture. For instance, I grew up in an era where everyone wore jeans in order to be different.

This is from Goodby's website, that is Goodby the winner of Agency of the Year the last two years in a row: "Finally, we believe in treating our audience with respect. This means presuming they have a certain level of intelligence, discrimination and sense of humor. In doing so, we think we will be awarded a better form of interest and engagement."

That's pretty good.


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george tannenbaum said...

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