Monday, May 11, 2009

Happiness is a warm timesheet.

Checking my Facebook this morning I was struck by how many "friends" commented that they'd like nothing better than to rewind the world to Friday night. In other words, they are dreading work on Monday.

These pictures came to me this weekend in the form of a pdf'd "Employee Happiness Kit."

Perhaps the reason they call it a "depression" is that we are now all low-grade.


Teenie said...

I like my job, but even I'm not crazy about Monday mornings. Eons ago, men used to work 12-hour days, 6 days a week... but they didn't seem to mind. I guess knowing what it is to be hungry and broke is pretty good incentive to wake up happy enough on Monday mornings...

jeaves said...

Half the year we leave in the dark to commute to work, and leave to come home in the dark, whilst following snow plows and long lines in the Tim Hortons drive-throughs for our coffee. Don't even mention the Toronto Maple Leafs haven't won the cup since the 60s. What's there to be depressed about in Canada eh? I think we forget we have choices, and drone along. Love the pics.