Friday, May 8, 2009

The kid doesn't stay in the picture.

A friend of mine was a leading creative director at an agency that was recently named, in their particular vertical, "Agency of the Year."

Shortly before they were named Agency of the Year, my friend was fired.

In the picture that accompanied the trade-magazine article on this agency,
she was re-touched out.

So much for "truth in advertising."
Which is way nicer than what I wanted to say.
Which is that this particular "Agency of the Year"
are a bunch of scheming mother fuckers.


Teenie said...

Even in your darkest moments, Geo, you always manage to give me hope.

Unknown said...


jeaves said...

I enjoy reading your word crafting as I hope it enriches me to a higher level of communication. That one you knocked out of the park and I raise my big sponge finger and chant...Geo..Geo..Geo

Carlos Saldivia said...

George--you buried the lead!..