Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last night at the "Pointies."

Last night at the posh New York hotel the Walnut-Castoria, the PowerPoint industry honored its own--the best of breed powerpoint presentations.

Once again, for the third-year running, "Hot Pockets!" took home the Grand Pointy. A spokesperson for the Pointies said, "It doesn't matter that work is unpalatable, unbelievable and virtually unwatchable. It doesn't matter that work doesn't drive sales, change attitudes or motivate people to act. What matters is that the powerpoint presentation selling the work is brilliant. A melange of the insipid combined with a soupcon of incomprehensible."


Teenie said...

Our sister agency presets PowerPoint presentations with up to 100 words per slide, sometimes. Drives me absolutely up the wall!

kazziechameleon said...

you and your mortal enemy... the powerpoint! oh how you hate it sooo

kazziechameleon said...

walnut-castoria...i like