Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oy vey ad of the century.

I just saw an ad on the on line New York Times for a local fast food chain called White Castle.

Frame 1 shows the BBQ Pulled Pork Slider. Frame 2 features a golden disco ball and 80s type that says, "Temptation Lies Between the Buns."

Fast-food and buggery. Have it your way, baby.


jeaves said...

I remember from childhood being at the Drive-in movies, and they use to use a little animation between movies to entice you to wallow up to the trough (snack concession) for replenishment.

The cartoon was a dancing bun that was trying to convince the hotdog to jump inside. Needless to say it did. I never tried the grizzle dogs from under the heat lamp..but I entered puberty that summer I'm sure. Thank you kind sirs.

Kelly said...


Eeew. I have nothing else to add.

Much funnier when you write it up, though.


You made it worse. I didn't think it could be worse...




Teenie said...
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Teenie said...

Jeeves, I think you mean the "Let's all go to the lobby" cartoons.

jeaves said...

Could be Teenie...thanks for putting that jingle in my head for the day now.

Let's all go to the lobby...gahhh.