Monday, May 11, 2009

Mass media. But not TV.

The New York Times ran an article today about a 20-minute video that is getting more viewership than just about anything this side of The Star Trek movie. Here's what the Times had to say:

"So far, six million people have viewed the film at its site,, and millions more have seen it on YouTube. More than 7,000 schools, churches and others have ordered a DVD version, and hundreds of teachers have written Ms. Leonard to say they have assigned students to view it on the Web."

You can read the whole megilleh here.

I'm writing about this for two reasons.

1. It's important to see how we're ruining our world.
2. This is new mass media. Seen on our biggest network.
Not NBC, CBS, Fox or ABC.
The internet.


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I'm encouraged by what millions of people have chosen to watch via the new mass media: which explains in simple terms how everything we consume comes to be and what a big pile of shit it is all adding up to.