Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's been raining for about three straight weeks here in New York. Here is Mickey Spillane's description from a similar weather pattern. This is from his novel "One Lonely Night." The opening of chapter 3.

"The rain. The damned never-ending rain. It turned Manhattan into a city of reflections, a city you saw twice no matter where you looked. It was a slow easy rain that took awhile to collect on your hat brim before it cascaded down in front of your face. The streets had an oily shine that brought the rain-walkers out, people who went native whenever the sky cried and tore off their hats to let the tears drip through their hair."


Kelly said...


I guess I'm one of the rain-walkers. I love rain anytime, but especially now as we touch summer.

I'm a bit further south than you, and when (if?) the rain lets up here, south of Philly, I know we're just going to get the usual stinking heat. If Mickey Spillane wrote about that, I'd be with you all the way, LOL.

You do know all the darndest things, don't you? I never know what I'll find here. :)



george tannenbaum said...

I love the rain too, and rain walking. My family and I used to vacation in Hilton Head where frequent rain counter-balanced the intense heat. There's something elemental about it. Pre-lasik my walks in the rain gave me an impressionistic view of the world. No rose colored glasses for me in those days, rain splattered. It's good to see the world as dots and brush strokes.

Laura said...

What a beautiful description especially "... a city you saw twice no matter where you looked."
And for those rare times when the rain clears, the sun quickly shines, and you get to see a rainbow.

Tore Claesson said...

Well, rain looks good on film. And I know it's good for the plants, but the way it's been pouring down, not trickling, for weeks, even months this year, is a bit much as far as I'm concerned. Especially sine I do not live in Manhattan, but in a suburb, which is now totally submerged. It's not just the economy that's is underwater around my house. Other than that, it 's a beautifully written paragraph.

Kelly said...


If the agency has a lasik account you may have just blown it... impressionism in the rain! Lovely. Hopefully the rest of your world is a crystal-clear improvement, lol.

I think you did the no-rain dance just right here. It's been sunny, humid, and above 85° since the minute I read this post.

Damn you. ;)

Until later,


P.S. We've got to get you off Blogger so I'll know when you've responded to a comment. (Note: It's all about me, yet I worked the word "we" into it.) How many years have you been settling for this goofy platform?

george tannenbaum said...

Kelly, is there a better, free, platform.

I started doing this when I was unemployed as a way of keeping my name in front of people. Now, I've been working for 20 months and I've kept it up.


Because it's for ME ME ME.

Kelly said...

LOL. Splurge and get over to WordPress. It's free, the hosting's not, but it's cheap.

Sell a drop of paint off your Bacon, you'll pay for ten years of hosting.


Because youyouyou ought to be heard by moremoremore.