Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another reason I'm not a big fan of non-traditional media.

There are many in our business who herald the death of advertising and the pre-eminence of blogs, tweets and word of mouth. Such things are supposed to over-take paid messages and the establishment as sources of information and marketing.

Well, according to The Economist, for the week that included February 22-26, the top news item in that wretched place called The Blogosphere, the top blogged item, covered in 1/5 of all blog posts concerned a story about a group of scientists calling for the invention of a choke-proof hot dog. Oh no. I'm not making it up. Read the story and see the study here.

Here's what we should never forget. It is the wisdom of crowds that gives us the garbage moron-culture that surrounds us. It is the wisdom of crowds that gives us "The Marriage Ref." And Britney Spears. And Sarah Palin. And Death Panels. And Tea Parties. And Starbucks allowing its customers to carry guns.


Michael said...
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Michael said...

Don't forget the "wisdom of the crowds" bringing us not one, but two terms of Dubayoo.

Shanty Mathew said...

It seems to be a frightening fact that literally everything today is measured by the yardstick of the Lowest Common Denominator.

I titled a blog post, "The Consumer is a Moron after all"; then decided to change it. Really, who wants to mess with the hoi polloi?