Friday, March 26, 2010

Ignoring 1/5th of a billion dollars.

I just heard on NPR that well-over $200 million was spent on advertising over the past twelve months or so for and against the recently passed health care bill.

When you consider that probably 95% of the people had already resolutely made up their minds as to their position on the matter and that 40% of the population doesn't vote, this is a staggering amount of money to reach what in my estimate amount to about eleven swing voters.

I was lucky enough not to see (or at least not to remember seeing) any of these spots but I reckon they were just a lot of words. But no definition of what the health care debate was really about.

I hold, and will always hold, that 99% of clients don't know what they sell. They think they're selling a computer while Apple (one of the 1%) is off selling creativity.

No wonder everything is eminently ignorable.

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Anonymous said...

I'm working on a product that helps people forget. Beer. So if people don't remember the ads did I do a good job?