Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let's make this simple.

Everyday, seemingly without end, I sit in client meetings where all manner of things are discussed, usually accompanied by a powerpoint diagram that looks something like the tubing of a French Horn.

I'm not sure what gets accomplished in these meetings other than at the end of them a lot of people have a lot of hours to put down on their timesheets.

Here's a simple way to eliminate most of these meetings and create better work as a positive side effect.

All clients and agencies should fill out, using the allotted space, the following questionnaire.

1. What do you do? Or what do you make?__________________________________________
2. How is your product or service better than your competitors?_____________________________________________________________________
3. If your product or service is not different or better than your competitors, why are you in business?_________________________________________________________

Once these questions are answered, I think we can all get down to creating great work.


Rols said...

Brilliant. Taking it along to my next client meeting. (Or maybe not)

Stephanie said...

I love reading your blog. It's insightful, funny, and very honest. I am however starting to wonder...why are you still in a business that causes you so much angst?

Anonymous said...

George, what if the clients asked that of copywriters? There are so many writers and art directors who are interchangeable that I wonder why we have some of them. This industry has turned out clone like creative people who simply mumble One Show all day long and they are hard to take seriously.

Client: How will this ad help my business?
Copywriter: Who gives a shit, it a sure fire gold pencil winner at the One Show.

To creatives:

What makes you different?
Why should I listen to you?
do you know anything about business or are you just an C-art school student who couldn't find any other kind of job?
Are there any ads you've written that have actually had an effect on the clients business?

sorry to be harsh but advertising is a stupid business. so how dare we tell a client they have no right to exist just because their business model makes it harder for us to write clever ads. Just create a smart ad that makes its point.

geo said...

Anonymous, I agree with you which is why in my post I included a mention of agencies. You might also check out this earlier post http://adaged.blogspot.com/2009/12/looking-at-portfolios.html

geo said...

Stephanie, I agree. But life causes angst. And what else can I do? Do you know of something?

Sell! Sell! said...

Great stuff. That's pretty much how we do it over here.