Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can we agree on this?

A holding company I know, one struggling with its stock price (that should muddy the waters for those of you trying to figure out whom I'm talking about) has an expense system called "concur." Presumably because "fuck you with an iron rod and rotate" is hard to remember. Here's how I think the big wigs dreamed up the name.

Big Wig 1: "Let's create an expense system that's nearly impossible to figure out."
Big Wig 2: "Let's make it so difficult people don't do their expenses and we benefit."
Big Wig 3: Let's make it time consuming, inelegant and nasty.
Big Wig 1: I concur.
Big Wig 2: I concur.
Big Wig 3: I concur.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes, I know Concur. May the person who invented it develop a brain tumor, because it has given me many headaches.

Anonymous said...

How are things at Draft fcb these days?

geo said...

Wouldn't know.