Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Everything there is to know about account work in one post.

I might have posted this before but since I've had 97 client meetings in the last 91 days, I think it bears repeating.

Years ago my older daughter went to a pre-school run by a very wise and intelligent woman. One evening this educator was holding a question and answer session and a parent got up and said, "Before my kid went here her artwork sucked. After she left, it sucked. But while she was a student here, her artwork was great. What's your secret?"

To which the head of the school replied, "simple. We know when to take the paper away."

Taking the paper away--limiting comments, suggestions, tweaks, concerns, issues, peccadilloes and the like is the most important aspect in "protecting the work."

Reviewing advertising has begun to resemble a suburban book club. Everybody has an opinion and they're all valid.

That's why most everything sucks. Out loud.


Anonymous said...

The fine art of over thinking never goes out of style. Nor the procrastination and embellishment of not all that much by mediocre creatives. The dance goes on,

Lis A

geo said...

Lis A.

Overthinking? Or undersmarting?

Anonymous said...

Im giving them the benefit of the doubt. Lets just say somewhere between over compensating, over complicating and intellectual voguing.