Friday, February 18, 2011

The guy who composed this song just died.

You can read his obit here:

He will be missed.


dave trott said...

The guy on the right of that photo played the judge in 'My Cousin Vinnie' and the guy on the left was the sergeant Ernie Bilko always cheated (was it Ritzig?).

geo said...

That's right, Dave. Fred Gwynne was a "biggish" TV star in the US and a former copywriter at JWT. He played Herman Munster in the sitcom, "The Munsters." Later in his career he did a large number of commercial voiceovers.

I thought about you when I posted this. The lyrics of the song are pretty good, in a silly way.

As for Bilko, Nat Hiken created this series and Bilko, too. The Ricky Gervais of his day, I guess.