Thursday, February 3, 2011


Last night I watched television, something I don't do a lot of. But the Knicks are winning more than they're losing and I needed some distance from a world that is too much with me, so I tuned in and turned off.

Then came the commercials.

It wasn't that they were mixed too hot. It was that they contained screaming and exhortations. This passes as drama these days: Noise.

My dear friend Tore, who hails from Sweden, sent me a note this morning in which he quoted one of the biggest names in the Swedish ad business. It made sense to me, and I devoutly wish, as we head into the Super Bowl barftravaganza, that marketers would heed it. Of course they won't but I can wish it just the same.

"Big companies must speak with a small voice."

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Anonymous said...

I find it so obnoxious how much louder the ads are than the music and t.v. shows are on websites like Hulu and Pandora. Yes the sites are free, but that means they can blast our eardrums with adds every 3 songs/8 mins at volumes the entertainment can't reach?