Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Adweek's 2008 Agency Report Cards.

I've been following Adweek's agency report card since they started publishing them some 26 years ago. Maybe it's just my mood, but never before have I seen such disparity between the grades Adweek metes out for "Creative" and the grade they give for "Numbers."

Here's what I mean.
Arnold got a B for creative. A C- for numbers.
BBH, an A- for creative, a D for numbers.
Ogilvy a B+ for creative, an F for numbers.

It occurs to me that these grades are indicative of a cataclysmic problem in our industry. There is a divorce, a chasm, a breach, an abyss between what wins creative accolades and what drives sales--what builds brands.

In other words, so much creative is judged by a false standard of "creativity." Not by the one true standard of efficacy (however you define that.) If creative was working there would be no "A" for creativity and "D" for numbers. Because creativity would drive client results would drive agency growth.

Ok, I'm in a shit-fuck mood. And that's all for now.


Teenie said...

Oh, how happy you've made me, Geo.

I offer a piece of lemon meringue pie--sure to brighten any mood.

Unknown said...

It's funny, many times when I've approached a brief, two types of possible ideas pop up in my head.
a. the type of work that seems clever and witty and "creative". Stuff that probably would look great in my portfolio. b. the sort of work that is probably the right thing to do. It's not bad work, but it's not what we think of as "creative" either. But it makes sense and it doesn't annoy the heck out of the audience. I guess it is the type of work that make people buy, as someone in England said a long time ago. I think for example Apple often does that sort of work. It's never the Grand Prix in Cannes but it is advertising at its most professional.

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