Friday, April 17, 2009

I spent the morning thinking about Dante.

That is, I spent some time thinking about who should occupy the lowest ring of Hell.

1. Headhunters who call hot and heavy and then don't call back.
2. People who consistently show up late and never apologize--your time, after all, is unimportant.
3. Look-ists (that's an analogue to racist, sexist, ageist.) People who think you aren't cool because you eschew dressing like all the other cool people or you don't do all the unique and individual things that cool people all do together.
4. Jargon-javelins. The slingers of techno-bs who attempt via circumlocutions to negate the basic truths of powerful communication.
5. Aesthetes. Aespecially aesthetes in aedvertising.

These are my nominees.
I welcome yours.


Teenie said...

Limp Shakers - Those people who hand you their hand in some feeble welcome gesture, which puts the entire onus on you to pump the thing up and down a few times in an attempt at a handshake.

That and people who stand NEXT to you when lining up for the bus. Yeesh.

jeaves said...

People that stand staring at you holding a try of food while your sitting eating in a crowded food court or cafeteria. Not only do I get indigestion from eating to fast, but I feel obliged to wipe up every crumb off the table and prepare it for their use. Burn baby burn.