Friday, August 5, 2011

A correction.

I made a mistake in my previous post pertaining to the inequality of income distribution. The chart above is more accurate, though since 2007 when the data for the chart was created, inequality has probably grown more severe.

I apologize for my errors.

My point remains the same.

With such unequal distribution of wealth, our nation is threatened and it's unlikely we can have a real recovery if so few possess so much and so many possess (and can purchase) so little.


peggy said...

whatever the numbers, agree with your point.

such a distribution just doesnt make economic sense at all.

Sean Peake said...

Nothing like class warfare. Soros' fingerprints are all over this.
At least it's a glimpse of what the next election will be about. The downgrade to AA+, however, effectively quashes that.

UrbanViking said...

Can we, just once, view that statistic over time? What was it like in the 30's when FDR'S attempt to spend us out of the Depression failed? What was it like in the heyday of Carnegie, Rockefeller, et al? Can we get a reliable timeline with some perspective on this meme? People with money are better able to create jobs than people without it, but rich people and big companies are not gonna turn it loose is a business/tax/regulatory climate like this one. Hoo-boy, do we ever need a climate change!!