Monday, August 1, 2011

The "M" Affidavit.

I refinanced my apartment the other day, taking advantage of Depression-era interest rates and hoping to close on the unit before the debt ceiling caved in and we were buying loaves of bread with wheel-barrow's full of Deutsch-dollars. The amount of paperwork to refinance an apartment with massive amounts of equity, by people whose credit-rating is unscathed and who earn many times the multiplier of fiscal probity, was staggering. This is what our bank--in that rare civilized portion of Amerika we call Manhattan demanded. In other parts of the country, people with no documents and no employment history were buying or had bought homes as large as ocean liners for no money down. But in New York, things are different.

And I almost got hung up because of an M.

I bought my apartment as George Tannenbaum.
For whatever reason I was refinancing as George M Tannenbaum.
The bank was addle-pated.
Was this the same George?
I pictured a scene from some schetl sci-fi movie where thousands of George Tannenbaums roamed the streets.
How many of me can there be?

But the bank, as I said, was concerned.

I needed to file a notarized affidavit that I was I.


bob hoffman said...

Whatever happened to the paperless society? I must have been sick that week.

Anonymous said...

yup, that's exactly the thing all banks should be worried about.