Monday, August 22, 2011

Polishing crap.

They're shining, buffing and otherwise gleaming-up the Jeffrey Koons sculpture in front of my client's office building. It's a candy-red sculpture that looks like it was made of balloons.

No matter who did it, no matter how new it is, no matter what the reputation of the artist, it's ugly and dumb.

I'd rather have an old guy on a horse.

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peggy said...

looks like its christmas soon.
i know some people do not see it like i do, and i had various discussions about it, but i just cant understand why something is considered art if theres no intended meaning to it. koons said there are no hidden meanings or critiques to his work, allegedly. makes it useless and a waste of space. at least thats what it means to me then.

but people can use it as a mirror when its polished. valuable enough i guess.