Tuesday, August 30, 2011


There must be some corollary of Murphy's Law or Peter's Principle or Ringelmann's Effect that states complication will always force out simple. Or never do anything simple when paralysis and complication are around as alternatives.

Today, specifically, I am thinking of life inside agencies.

It's unquestionable that agencies are going through a period of extraordinary tumult. There are all sorts of new ways to reach consumers. And each day seems to bring us a new new way.

So what we have within agencies, between agencies and at clients is a pissing match. There are those who loudly proclaim digital media achieves no reach and is therefore inconsequential. There are others who assert that TV is dead and so much can be won through a simple facebook like.

The truth, of course, is usually somewhere in between. There is no 'one size fits all.' No absolute right answer. It varies from account to account.

What too infrequently occurs is a precise definition of a clients' main issues. So we fight and wrangle and bicker and complicated to no good effect.

This is a really simple business.

The agencies that will survive going forward are the ones that keep that in mind.

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Riki said...

there's an Effect that explains it all (both agencies and clients):