Saturday, December 10, 2011

A contradiction.

I just came upon this photograph by the unmatched photographer and Hungarian emigre Andre Kertesz. It got me thinking.

At a time in world history when we are more pressed for time than ever before (in every time in world history we have been more pressed for time than ever before) there are more ways to fill our lives up with junk than ever before.

Just sticking with photography for a moment, we are Flickr'd and Instagrammed into mediocre submission. We are bludgeoned with snapshots of cats playing polo. We are pinioned with pics of people we hardly know.

We hardly have time for great because we are so besieged (and besotted) by the deluge of daily dreck.

There is greatness in the world. Greatness and originality. In art and in work.

But we're too busy looking at shit (and in looking at shit proclaiming that "everyone is a photographer") to notice.

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Anonymous said...

More of us are into the great shooters than you give us credit for George: Steichen, Weston, Penn, Kenna, Sugimoto and more.

Wrong to cop an elitist attitude. There are many thinkers and artists out there..not just you. Not everyone is a philistine.:-)

Give us some credit.