Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Love is a many splendored ad.

I was in a meeting the other day and the client teased me a bit--all in a good natured way (for a client.)

What they ragged me about was that I "love the account I work on."

I laughed, but nervously.

Of course I love the account I work on.

I love everything I work on.

I have to.

Because my job and the reason I've lasted as the 11th oldest copywriter in America-- is that I pour my heart, brain and soul into everything I touch.

Yes, I love what I work on.

Too much of what I see in the agency and in the world is not the product of love. It's by the numbers. It's rote creative. It's tepid, mediocre and meaningless.

You can psychoanalyze me and criticize me.

That's fine.

I know I put too much of myself into my work.

But how else do you do it?

How else can you make something good.

You have to love.

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Elias said...

As a commercial director I'm with you. The sad part is that it takes us "lovers' roughly twice as long to get ahead in our careers..
But I wouldn't want it any other way.