Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pursuant to my last post on thought leaders and the lack of accountability as to where their thoughts actually lead, I thought I'd write a few alternative taglines for the TED state within a state.

TED. Ideas worth pontificating about.
TED. Ideas I got to hear and you didn't.
TED. Ideas worth nothing.
TED. Ideas worth sharing that probably won't go anywhere.
TED. Ideas worth shaving.
TED. Ideas without accountability.
TED. Ideas worth pomposity.
TED. Ideas as practical as antlers on a duck.
TED. Ideas worth the pixels they're printed on.
TED. Ideas worth Theodore.


tim said...

I was always partial to 'TED. Infomercials for the think man.'

Rich Siegel said...

or simply:


Ciaran said...

I guess you haven't listened to Ted Finley or Dan Pallotta yet.