Thursday, April 25, 2013

Administrative Assistant's Day.

Yesterday was what we used to call "Secretaries Day."

There's nothing wrong or diminutive about the word 'secretary.' After all, Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, not Administrative Assistant of State. But none-the-less, the word secretary has become loaded with sexist notes, so we've sent it to Coventry.

So, yesterday was 'Administrative Assistant's Day.'

Naturally we all got an email from HR asking us to acknowledge the important work Administrative Assistants do.

Since, of course, some corporate tool has decided it makes more sense to have someone billing at $400/hr doing their own secretarial work than actually hiring assistants, I am my own assistant. So I took myself out to a nice lunch yesterday and surprised myself with a nice, oversized bouquet of flowers.

Happy Administrative Assistant's Day, George.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You should go easier on your administrative assistant—-who is huffing all the Liquid Paper in a vain effort to cope with the pressures and the attendant shpilkes.