Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Muscling through.

Since I began Ad Aged just about six years ago, I've written at least one post just about every working day.

Yesterday, I had no post in me.

Maybe it was because I had an early client presentation and then a complete re-do on a project my partner and I have already put two weeks into.

Maybe I just had no time.

Or maybe I have lost it.

Maybe I can't write anymore.

A lot of people along the way ask me for "tips" for becoming a good writer. If they're in advertising I usually refer them to my copy of "The Copy Book."

But mostly I tell them that if you want to be a writer, contrive a way to write every day. And when there's a day when you're stuck or stymied or stifled, find a way to muscle through.

Yesterday, I couldn't muscle through.

Today, at least, I'm trying again.

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