Friday, April 26, 2013


I haven't gotten back into the swing of things since I returned from New Zealand.

This blog, which I am usually bursting to write, has come harder this week.

Work, which I am usually eager to go to, I've been dreading.

Even interactions with colleagues, which I usually welcome, I've been repulsed by.

I'm sure I will "get over myself" and next week or maybe the week after, regain my usual gusto.

But for now, having spent 18 days away, certain things seem magnified.

The primary one is how little distance most people possess.

How little perspective.

How every cosmic burp or blip sends masses of people into paroxysms of fear and mania.

We have, neither at work nor in the world, a sense of history.

What's happened before.

The question shouldn't be 'how do we respond?'

It should be 'how do we respond intelligently?'

You know, based on what we've learned and what's happened before.

We assail our clients for managing quarter to quarter.

Yet we lurch from day to day.

What's our plan?

What course have we plotted?

Is that a course worth keeping to?

We'll never know.

We're too busy panicking.

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