Friday, December 14, 2007

Ad Aged. Now with 30% more conspiracy theory.

As I walk around the world I have noticed that latex gloves are popping up everywhere. On letter carriers, food service works, transit workers. They are as ubiquitous as pimples on a steroid user's ass.

Last weekend my 2.5 oz. can of shaving cream was confiscated by the TSA while I was passing through LaGuardia because I hadn't placed it in a plastic bag.

Latex gloves and plastic bags are petroleum by-products. My guess is that this is another way the oil companies profit through the alleged terrorist threat. In other words, terror = profit.

PS: If you are an employee of Halliburton in Iraq, rape is not illegal.


Mark Spector said...

Let's get that 30% more conspiracy theory up to 40%. Let's increase our strip searches of Midwestern Grandmas so we can better avoid the appearance of racial profiling and increase attendance and profits at the trade schools that educate our brave airport security personnel.

Tore Claesson said...

how do you know steroid users get pimples on their butts?

Laura said...

Conspiracy may be more like 45%: As in if you see something say something? So what happened to the close to 2 thousand NYers who did speak up about something "suspicious" on our streets? The phone was probably answered by a latex gloved idiot and filed in a latex file.