Friday, December 21, 2007

Here's another one for you.

I heard a promotional announcement on NPR this morning. Some people call these ads, but not Public broadcasting, but let's move on.

This one was for Lufthansa and they were trumpeting their "Lie-flat beds." That got me thinking. Aren't beds, by definition, "lie-flat?" Here's my supposition. Airlines stared calling large seats "beds" even though they were merely reclining seats with footrests. So you had a "bed" shaped like a fallen over Hebrew lahmed, which wasn't really a bed at all. That verbal hocus-pocus has now forced the language to append an adjective (lie-flat) where none has been needed before in the history of English.

I look forward to more of these in the future. As linguistic lies become more and more pervasive--factories producing pollution from their plants which they'll call "pure oxygen," so air will soon need the modifier "breathable." You get the point, yes?

A special post is coming soon. I'm calling it GEIFY, pronounced "guy fee." Geify is my acronym for George Explains It For You. I will put order into the universe and with other-worldly-like luminescence will bring serenity to your soul and a beatific smile to your lips. Either that or outrage.

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Unknown said...

George, you're a seriously sharp commentator and deserve to be featured daily to broad audiences.
If there were any fairness in this world.
and by the way, Greenspan was so terribly wrong, or just flippant. With few exceptions have the filthy rich ever fairly dealt with the poor and those who made it possible for them to become filthy rich.
Marx had that right. Problem is that power corrupts wherever power appears. Or perhaps, people with the ability to become powerful are perhaps corrupt characters to begin with. so the guys running what was suppose to be for everyone's good was essentially the same characters that forms the make up of the filthy rich. Unscrupulous gangsters basically. Whether socialists,. communists or simply capitalist. they're all monopolists at the end of the day. "hey., don't want to give up anything to someone else."