Monday, December 3, 2007

My agency's Christmas party.

Ok, ok. I just ducked out of my agency's Holiday party to write this post. Now, I'm not one for parties. In fact I despise them. But the party I'm attending right now is off the hook with a capital H. Or a capital O.

Can you say Bacchanal? Can you say orgy? Can you say moral turpitude and lewd and licentious?

I showed up late, mais oui, but within five minutes of arriving and hanging my coat up on a super model's erect nipples, I counted six of the seven deadly sins taking place, and a couple more sins that may only induce comas.

Holy cow. Great pay. Great people. Great work. Great parties. Have I died and gone to heaven?


Laura said...

Did you go to my agency's party last year or possibly the one the year before?

How refreshing, I just started working at an agency that doesn't really have a "holiday" party. They have some food around and close by 1PM on Friday Dec 21st. And we return on Jan. 2nd. That simple.

Unknown said...

And the kids got home work on hanukkah.

Amandaguzz said...

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