Thursday, December 20, 2007

There are no black people in the future.

In our scrupulously PC world we have figured out ways to code language and image so what we show and say is "acceptable" but is just as virulently racist as the epithets that scarred our nation for so many years. As Reagan advisor and right-wing hero Lee Atwater noted, we no longer yell "nigger, nigger, nigger," we proclaim "state's rights." America's nativist, anti-semitic beliefs are couched in politesse, like "Eastern liberals," or "New York intellectuals."

I've noticed that architectural renderings of future developments portend a world without darker hues. Why is this? It's probably not intentional, but the message is loud and clear. To so many, utopia is white. And has a shapely ass.


Laura said...

Utopia ignores the rise of obesity, ethnic diversity, occupational diversity, and assumes the reader/watcher to be
as mindless as the visuals.

neishatweed said...

according to all ads, black people don't buy products. Well, not counting sprite or Expeditions.

I have always wondered why they don't bother to put black people (or other ethnicities) in their ads. Or on the tv shows. (even in the extras) Or in the movies.

Maybe it's better to pretend we don't exist. Or maybe they're saving all the media coverage for the news.

We've gone past that old joke of the token black person to no black people at all.

I don't get it.

george tannenbaum said...

Well, written from the POV of a middle-aged fat white man, I am a member of the only group who is allowed to be lampooned.