Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Denters and smoke-jumpers.

Adam Morgan in his book "The Pirate Inside," talks a lot about how most organizations need 'denters.' That is people who collide with and therefore upset the dominant complacency of a company and by so doing try to effect change.

I have been, I guess I am by nature, a denter. I hate status quos and always think things can be better. I take denting seriously.

For a while companies welcome denters--because denters do the dirty work for the organization. But, again according to Morgan, denters need help. They need 'smoke-jumpers.' That is a fire-fighter who rescues the denter or gets them out of trouble when things get too hot.

I've been a denter at a lot of different agencies now.
I have yet to meet a smoke-jumper.

No wonder I'm out of work.


Tore Claesson said...

well, there may be little comfort in knowing that organizations that reject and oust denters go under eventually.
It's happened to a lot of agencies and to larger organizations, such as the Roman empire and the Soviet Union.

jeaves said...

Jeffrey Fox (How to Become a Rainmaker) describes on his site, hiring the "unorganize man". He claims this is a company's most valuable asset and should be outside the mainstream management and report directly to the CEO.

Isn't that what the fun job at the CIA is all about?

I am a denter myself who feels like a eunach because most companies dont get it and a steady paycheck is handy for my family.

You would think that some losing agencies would be willing to get someone with balls and not babble.

Go Geo Go.

Teenie said...

Every agency I've worked at claimed to want denters, yet when push came to shove we were always told "just do what the client wants."

Peace passes before shit disturbing, in the end.

My Mom has always told me that, to judge what a company is really like, take a look at the ones who run it. It never fails--after a few romancing months, the blinders fall off and you discover the company's run EXACTLY how the President runs their personal life.

Hire all the denters you like--unless the people at the top are open to getting dinged and dented, you're doomed.


Don said...

Denters Beware: In today's job market, at the first sign of smoke, it's the smoke-jumpers who are first to jump out of the way.