Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Only in America.

I will be the first to admit, I am educated, perhaps over-educated and more than a bit of a book snob. Nevertheless, I'll stop on occasion at the air-craft carrier-sized Barnes & Noble in my neighborhood. For one thing, it's the only place in the area that sells DVDs (and now the Criterion Collection is marked down 50%) and for another, they do have a lot of books and being around books is better than a poke in the eye regardless of how disorganized they are and how ill-informed their sales staff is.

However the sign that I just saw pushed me over the edge.
It read: "NEW HISTORY."


Teenie said...

I feel the same about people who watch "According to Jim". How they sit through that much is beyond me. Maybe I'm a TV elitist (although I do love a good episode of Wipeout).

jeaves said...

Maybe we all have a little elitism inside us. Like Background BBQ'ers who frown on people who put Ketchup on a steak. Or Italians who snub the Angel Hair Primavera at Olive Garden.

Laura said...

And what a shame that there are all of those employees working at B&N and they don't know much about books.

I was once asked by one of those employees what the difference is between an atlas and an almanac.