Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last night's fireworks.

Our TV set is on the fritz, so rather than watching the fireworks last night we listened on the radio.

"There's a trail of yellow heading up into the sky. It descends into a parabola and now it's exploding into a cascade of yellow, green and red. Oh! Here's another one. Up up up, exploding into a blossom--a crysthanamum-like explosion. Look, there's another one."

That's fireworks on radio.

My point is simple. Different mediums have different strengths. If you, or your agency, can't use them all--if you're locked into one way, you'll produce crap. Like fireworks on the radio.


Kelly said...


In person might have been a good medium...

Just sayin'.


Happy 5th!



Teenie said...

Fireworks aren't even half as nice on TV s they are in person--so I can't imagine anyone making them sound terribly exciting on the radio. Must admit that it takes some talent to describe on the fly like that, though!