Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some early unemployment observations.

I have been heartened by the out-pouring of good wishes I have received from my friends, both real and digital. Thank you.

I just realized something.
When you're in advertising and unemployed, people pray for each other.
When you're in advertising and employed, people prey on each other.


Teenie said...

Maybe you should take up poetry, Geo.

The pay will suck but you'll be brilliant.

Kelly said...


Nah, just a tad too bleak, I think.

Some people are fine enough that folks are praying for them even when they're employed.

But when you're unemployed, your ears are open. Before that all you can hear is the din around you.



Jeroen said...

All is fine.
I just spent 30 minutes with a human robot asking me 87 questions about you George. A reference call that was just asking too much of the referencee (that's me).

To question 86: 'What do you think can he (that's you) can improve on?', I answered: not bringing his .22 to the office anymore and leaving it on his desk.

To question 87: 'How can George improve?', I answered 'ON', you mean to add the word 'on'... improve ON? Ooooh, write a novel. It'll be made into a movie, a play, a musical and translated into 73 languages'.

To which the human robot had nothing to say. But I think we did good.