Friday, January 15, 2010

If you want to see something horrible.

Check out the new work from DraftFCB for the Census.

I suppose as Americans we're used to having our tax dollars squandered in the most asinine ways imaginable. But this effort seems to dip or plummet to a new abyss.


Tore Claesson said...

With the risk of pissing off every ipg agency in America I will have to be honest and sympathize with your comment.
Is this work that has enough breakthrough power to reach everyone? Or even get understood by everyone who needs to understand what it is? The importance of it. The whys? I understand it's just the beginning of a major effort involving all sorts of media. And I'm almost sure the media, with "free" coverage, will do its job and help the census bureau (or whatever it might be called) get its message out.
But to me it seems sort of self indulgent, without being brilliantly so.

Kelly said...


I could say a lot more, but how about four words:

No call to action.


Want to bet that a thirty-second still, white type-black screen in any ol' font that came pre-installed with your PC, that says "Send in your Census form so gets federal money" would pull better?

I vote for Comic Sans. Maybe Times New Roman as a shake-em-up for the "motivation phase," and follow with a nice Papyrus chaser.

Okay, that's more than four words now.



Kelly said...

Oops. Wrong bracket choice. That was supposed to read,

"Send in your Census form so [your state] gets federal money."

Anonymous said...

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