Thursday, January 21, 2010

This has to happen every once in a while.

My law firm, Dewey Cheathem and Howe, has advised me to publish the following: I'm sorry for everything I've said and will say in the future and I apologize to all I've offended and whom I will offend in the future. Further, I am sorry for my crass, craven and callow disregard for other people's points of view, opinions and reasons for doing what they do and for any intimations that they may be less intelligent, motivated and diligient than I am.


Kelly said...


It's a blog.

If your lawyers don't like it when you do all that, how will you increase eyeballs and have a USP and offend some to attract others so you can get some ROI from your RSS and set yourself FREE?



P.S. That has always been my favorite law firm, thanks to the Car Talk guys over in me old homeland. A lot better than the one I've got, believe me.

bob hoffman said...

You'll be hearing from my attorneys.