Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The RMS Rhone.

The sea was an angry mistress that day. Captain Cooley ascended the bridge and eyed steep swells and even steeper waves. The barometer had dropped precipitously and before the captain even had time to pick it up a rogue wave crashed against the schooner, spilling his beer all over the foredeck. Cooley made a beeline for the poop when another rogue wave smashed the Rhone. It was quickly followed by a rogue elephant. Suddenly the Rhone was dashed against "Dead Man's Rocks." Fortunately everyone on the Rhone was a woman and they merely laughed at the gender-specific peril.

Cooley grabbed the helm. The helm was incensed and grabbed Cooley back. Cooley decided to tell HR about the helm as soon as the weather broke.

Cooley steered the big ship away from the rock toward open water. Unfortunately, the water was closed that day and Cooley had no place to go. With yet another rogue wave bearing down on him, Cooley had little recourse other than to let the water out of the tub. Cooley was safe, once again, and a helluva lot cleaner.


bob hoffman said...

Pretty impressive stuff for a guy on vacation.

adasauris said...

George, Enjoy the BVI's and have a painkiller .