Monday, June 13, 2011


In my agency the ratio of the people who are meant to make sure work is being done to the people who actually create work is about seven to one.

Every morning I receive a host of emails telling me about new processes to discuss and keep track of the work I do. I am charged with going to about four meetings a day to so all those "minders" can find out what work is being done.

There is no advancement of the ball at any of these meetings. Just an acknowledgement that the ball is nigh.

In almost 30 years in the business, I have never failed to get my work done on time. I have created millions of dollars worth of assignments--things I've thought of doing and sold to the client.

I don't know why or how our business has devolved to its current state. Where we are infested with babysitters whose competence is barely above the drool level. These are the people who "run" things today.


@rebrivved said...

I feel your pain. It's insulting to be poked and prodded by "Delivery" people who don't in fact deliver shit. 99% of them have no concept of how our work happens. It doesn't happen in meetings. And it sure as hell doesn't happen when someone's looking over your shoulder, asking "why is it taking so long"?

bob hoffman said...

Advertising agencies still haven't learned that there is a difference between activity and progress.

While all the knuckleheads are sitting around the conference room arguing over the wording of the brief, a copywriter would be well served to go to his favorite bar and write a nice spot.