Friday, June 24, 2011

A note from my past.

Years ago I was in a slough of despond. (Not unusual for me.) I was on the receiving end of some political bushwa and I was feeling that I was getting schtupped. My boss, my ECD sent me a long note explaining the world as he saw it as well as a meditation on the person who was out politicking me. It was a long note, well-over 1,000 words and I've kept it ever since and refer to it often.

There's a lot of crap in our world. A lot of attitude. A lot of picayune politics. In any event, here's a bit of what my ex-boss wrote to me. Consider it today's daily meditation:

"After a year of walking around with a big fucking deal attitude, it's put up or shut up time. Where are the awards? Where are the case studies that bring in new business? Where are the clients who've ascended to power on the backs of success - of those things are careers and reputations made. And if he keeps posturing and not delivering, he'll wind up being thought of as just another asshole with a Titanic attitude and a Minnow in the engine room. That's not a formula for career success and personal fulfillment. It does catch up with you. Believe me."

That's all for now.


Anonymous said...

Precisely. Which is what you..we..should be doing. Leave the rants to that Contrarian fool.


peggy said...

it seems you had a real mensch as your boss. hard to find i believe.