Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Once again I am in the office at my desk hours before other people arrive. There are a lot of square feet on my floor, none of them are occupied.

Monitors are black.

Chairs are pushed in.

Lamps are off.

Phones don't ring.

I am in early.

Just me and my laptop.

We had the rug pulled out from under our work a couple days ago.

The worked was "loved" but not bought.

We have to figure things out again. Make the work work for the client. Make it buyable. Without making it suck.

I've found that the best way to work is actually to work.

To not think about the deck or timesheets or anything else but work.

To think about it on the subway home.

To think about it while you're walking the dog and brushing your teeth.

To write and write and write until something doesn't suck.

Some times it comes easy like a sunburn on a hot day.

Some times it takes time.

There is no substitute for time.

No substitute for plugging away.

For trying a million things and then trying some more.

And like I say, hoping something good happens.

Or at least something that doesn't suck.

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