Thursday, June 20, 2013

"There is no lack of void."

In Beckett's "Waiting for Godot," Estragon famously proclaims "There is no lack of void." I think that weary line sums up our business and our era.

Maybe I've been bombarded by too many smiling images of Facebook acquaintances who are now Bacchanalling in Cannes. Too many people partying and applauding themselves when the ship is taking on water.

Too many awards in too many categories, mostly for work that never (or only slightly) ran and had no real impact except that which was cited in an entry video.

It's all too much for me.

But it's bigger than Cannes.

Void is everywhere.

Nothing is serious.

Everything is gossip (the pornography of the 21st Century.)

I wonder when I read the paper or listen to the news, is it all a joke?

If you care about wars and hunger and famine--that is if you're serious about the world--what happens to your brain when all you get is Kardashians?

There is no place to turn if you want news and truth and even art.

Do marketers think everyone is dumb?

That no one cares?

That the raging debate over bikes lanes is all that matters?

Our business has been fetishized to such a point that your are an anachronism if you do more than talk about work.

If you actually do rather than yammer, you are dead.

There is no lack of void.

We positively swill in it.


Anonymous said...

It was a cold day in April as the clocks struck thirteen...

george tannenbaum said...

Thank you, Anonymous Blair.

Anonymous said...

Orwell was quite prescient