Monday, June 10, 2013

Writing help needed.

Over the last few decades I have been frugal enough with my money to accumulate enough money so that I need to pay someone money to help me manage my money.

This morning I got a form letter email from him. I suppose I could be nervous about my financial advisor's grip on English.

On the other hand, maybe his son really does have Crohn's and Colitis only on Saturdays.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  We watched our daughter run a half
marathon raising money for the fight against Crohn's & Colitis which our
son has on Saturday.  


Sean Peake said...

Hey, George. Thought you'd enjoy this

george tannenbaum said...

Sean, I have that book marked.

Sean Peake said...

I blogged about in the hope there is a Jacob Marley moment for the heads of today's agencies

george tannenbaum said...

To the Anonymous commenter who mentioned a client's name.

That's a no no on Ad Aged.

No names.

My blog. My rules.