Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The United States of ADD.

As a society, we have ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder.

You've probably left this post already to check an IM, an email, your stocks, the Bruins, or a co-worker.

We cannot concentrate. Or focus. Or find clarity.

We as marketers contribute mightily to this malady.

We shovel it on by the ton.

Sponsored posts, tweets, Facebook messages, spurious sponsorships and more.

It's fucking confusing.

And it's asinine to think that, for instance, a bank has any place giving me tips on summer picnicking. Or cares what my favorite local small business is. Or really wants to know what's the coolest thing your dad ever taught you.

I guess things like the above fall under the category of "engaging in the conversation." But shit. Most people can barely have a conversation with their spouse. Do they really want to have one with an air-freshener?

Back a century or more ago the notable John Wanamaker said "half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don't know which half."

My guess is that if Wanamaker were alive today he would have upped his percentage to 99.9% wasted.

We talk too much.

We distract too much.

We send out too much stuff.

We do too much to too little effect.

We don't focus on the few things that would have the greatest power. We aren't snipers we are machine gunners.

We don't have singularity of message and clarity of purpose.

In our nation of ADD we are contributors.

Instead of ubiquity and more we should do less, better.

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Tore Claesson said...

It's all your fault. Right when I'm about to start something, that urge to read your blog takes over. Well, in all fairness, while I'm at it I always check whether Dave Trott and Adcontrarian have something new as well. However, you're the most productive of the three. Actually, compared to even the most productive columnists in daily newspapers you're at the top of the productivity list. I reckon you must be channeling your ADD towards the blog. Stay unfocused my friend.