Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Too much on story-telling.

The alarm rang this morning interrupting a story I was having in my head while I slept. I swept the covers off of me, telling them a story about an angry and restless giant who could be soothed only when covered with a magical blanket. Then I walked the 11 feet to my bathroom, thinking along the way of a story of the road not taken and where unexpected twists and turns could take us. Like what if I turned left into the utility closet or continued straight into the linens? What amazing stories could come from those occurrences.

I ran the water in the sink and thought of the story of where that water came from. How Irish immigrants fleeing famine and persecution came to this country many years ago and built the reservoirs and aqueducts that sustain New York City. I thought of the story of Megan O’Keefe who died from the grippe while caring for nine kids and her husband who would, nonetheless, cuff her around.

I thought of Dr. Washington Sheffield who was first to put dentifrice in collapsible tubes. Thank you, Dr. Sheffield! I imagined a story of Dr. Sheffield presenting his life and accomplishments to St. Peter. What a story it would be. What life! What love! What laughter!

Here it was, I was awake for just six minutes and I had already told four or five stories. Why?

Because, don’t you see, everything is all about story-telling and I’m a fucking story-teller. Everything has a narrative. An arc. A pathway. Everything.

And we are story-tellers.

Finding stories in everything from experience design to SEO.

We will tell these stories and thereby use our finely-tuned story-telling skills to tell the story of our clients’ brands.

Because we are story-tellers.

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Bob said...

Laugh out loud funny. Well, the good news is, if you tell most agency and client folk that a certain concept is a great example of story telling, they'll believe it. It's actually a pretty good selling tool. A lie, perhaps, but a good selling tool.