Friday, June 7, 2013

The only way is the hard way.

If there's one thing I've learned in this business it's that nothing is easy. No agency is easy to deal with. No clients automatically respond intelligently and buy good work.  Even the people who are meant to smooth the way for you, all the people who are around the work but who don't do the work, more often than not show up missing.

Some people live life as if all the lights on the road will turn green the instant they arrive. That their path will be smooth sailing. Like, in the words of General George Patton, shit through a goose.

Last night my partner and I had some work killed.

You can't go into your old files and with the wave of a wand find new work.

You stare at your partner and stare at your screen.

You mutter, hopefully, half thoughts.  You, again hopefully, hope your partner sees a way to finish those half-osities.

Nothing comes of them, and then it's time to leave for the night.

You have tomorrow.

Tomorrow you'll get it.

And you'll do it your way, the only way, the hard way.

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