Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good writing from Jonathan Swift and A.O. Scott.

"Gulliver's Travels" with Jack Black is reviewed in today's "New York Times" by A.O. Scott, writing as Swift.

Well worth the three minutes. That is if you like satire, wit and skill.


Unknown said...

Satire, wit and language skills can make for interesting and entertaining reading. But forgive me for being critical of the movie review in question which I read as pompous and a righteous diatribe by someone who apparently sees himself above the simple folks who made this film. I haven't seen the film yet so I'm not sure if I would review it positively or not though. However, it's sounds as if the movie is judged with a bias against the financiers of it. And whether product placement makes a film less enjoyable or contribute to make a film richer can be discussed. Doesn't that depend on how it's done? That film making is an art that is commercial shouldn't come as a shock to someone who makes his living writing movie reviews. And whether a comedian should be allowed to have a different physique than a fashion model isn't something a serious self respecting movie reviewer should lower himself to even discuss. It's beyond the point. I liked the book.

Unknown said...

sorry for spelling milsd form of dyslexia means I have to wait a while before i reread what i write, and only then do i see my own mistakes..of course..i never have the patience...or if i wait that long i would never publish any comments as they all seem rather beside the point an hour later...oh well...happy holidays all comment readers.

Graham Strong said...

Assuming that Yahoo! didn't advertise in the movie, is that be ironic?