Monday, June 3, 2013

A quiet Sunday in New York.

Yesterday was as hot as Hades in New York. I woke early and walked to Central Park with Whiskey. She was panting heavily by the time we arrived. It was 80-degrees out by 7:30 and the humidity was already in the 90s.

We traveled around the Great Lawn with the other dog-walkers. Before 9AM and after 9PM dogs are allowed off their leashes in the park and their is a core of people out letting their dogs cavort. There wasn't much cavorting yesterday, however, it was too hot out. Instead we walked slowly the oval stopping at the water fountain on the west side around 83rd Street that has a dog bowl attached.

Whiskey nosed at the water, but for whatever reason, it wasn't to her liking. She lapped at it twice or four times in a desultory fashion and then beckoned me on. There were sticks to chew and miles to go.

We circled the the hex-block oval three times. The ball players were beginning to gather. There were young moms and dads with their children in strollers. Other children, toddlers, toddled like drunks on a Saturday night, laughing and squealing as they went to pet and then avoid the dozens of dogs who were sharing the space with them.

Dark men were dropped off with large umbrellaed carts. They would do a brisk business in cold drinks, ice cream and soggy hotdogs. It was only 9AM and already they were busy.

It was a quiet Sunday in New York.

A day away from the business.

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