Monday, September 30, 2013

The Great Advertising Depression.

Over 70% of the advertising jobs in New York are under the auspices of the three major holding companies.

I routinely hear stories of 15 people being let go--all making $200K plus and being replaced by people making less than half that salary.

On Friday I got an email, I assume it was a form letter, praising me for Ad Aged and extolling my industry "expertise."

They then offered me a job opportunity.

I could write ten to twenty 400-600 word articles a month for $75 a piece.

Five years into the Great Depression, advertising has officially become a low wage industry. Except, of course, for the chosen.

And more often than not, the more chosen you are, the farther removed you are from creating what we're ostensibly paid to do: create ads.

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