Monday, May 23, 2016

Five minutes with our CAAO.

AD AGED:               So your title is CAAO. I haven’t heard that amalgam of letters before. Tell me what do they stand for?

CAAO:                     That’s easy. I am Chief Architect Architect.

AD AGED:               That’s a real mouthful. Tell me, what does a Chief Architect Architect   do?

CAAO:                      I architect what other architects architect. The last thing you want is  information architects architecting information in an unarchitected   way. Not to mention the architects who are architecting our new  collaborative work space.

AD AGED:                Oh, your office is moving into new digs?

CAAO:                     We don’t call them digs. That’s low-brow, déclassé and ugly. Our new  space is architected with the most advanced architectural features. We  call our space, “The Office for the Connipted Age TM.”

AD AGED:               The Age of Connitptions TM.

CAAO:                    That’s right. We have dozens of innovations you won’t see anywhere else. We have windows. Natural and artificial light. We even have chairs on wheels that can actually move. We also have ingresses and egresses and a broad inclined-plane that gives our workers the ability travel—using their personal mobility appendages—from level to level.

AD AGED:               It all sounds amazing.

CAAO:                     Yes. Amazing. And the architecture of architecting architects has helped us architect a workforce where all our employees are happy. That's life in the Connipted Age TM.

AD AGED:               Well, thank you for your time today.

CAAO:                     My pleasure. 

AD AGED:               Enjoy your conniptions.

CAAO:                     How could I not? I'm working in “The Office for the Connipted Age TM.”

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