Monday, March 20, 2017


I can't help but feeling that as bad as things are in Trumpmerica right now, they will only get worse. They will get worse because, I fear, we are normalizing his behavior.

We have spent the months since his phony, Russian-influenced, gerrymandered non-mandate election donating to the ACLU, wearing pink-hats and maybe marching. And that's all good.

But as outrage after outrage continues to cacophony their way upon our once-liberal heads, we are slowly and surely becoming inured to his antics and anti-democratic behaviors.

Gorsuch will be approved--and we'll talk about Duke's loss in last night's tournament. Another foreign relationship will be sullied, and we'll giggle about John Oliver or feeble skits on Saturday Night Live. The environment will be sullied. The rich will get richer. The noose will tighten--once again--on the poor and dispossessed. A giant, purposeless wall--a symbol of hatred and fear will be built by a once-great nation that pleads poverty when it comes to the arts or the despoiling of the reefs, or college loans, or health-care.

Our great national trivialization will accelerate. As fascism and hate extend, I look at the front-page of the once vaunted 
"New York Times." These are the stories I see:
* Duke falls
* Berry and Breslin die
* Early bluebonnet bloom in Texas
* British man kills butterfly
* How I became addicted to online games
* What happened to the usual floral bouquets?
* When decorating styles clash
* Oregon Shakespeare Festival stages same-sex "Oklahoma"

Are these the same articles we saw in Berlin newspapers in 1937?

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